Metal handicrafts from Java Island IndonesiaMaking crafts from the metal is nothing new for the premises. Because, long ago when I was standing much too royal metal craft industry has developed in many different corners of the country. Some metal crafts dating from the time of the kingdom among other various tools of war (beginning of the keris, swords, machetes, spears, shields, etc.), jewelry and accessories empire, art tool (such as gamelan saron, bonang, gongs) and others.

Now in this modern era the art of traditional crafts from the metal try revived as part of efforts to preserve the cultural arts in particular ancestral culture and art of designing and making things from metal. In addition to preserving traditional culture and art heritage ancestors, metal craft industry by taking the form of an antique motif and the royal era was much in demand among buyers, art lovers and collectors of antiques from home and abroad. Of course it became a separate business potential is very promising for those who are able to bring back the values of traditional culture and art era 'fashioned'.

Business opportunities promising enough that Istono arrested since 1983 who had started working on the production activities of goods of metal (brass) which is a replica of the royal relic. Using waste materials in the form of brass, Istono with his UD Ganesya able to create works of art from metal to form and pattern that resembles a work of art royal relic like the statue of Ganesh, Buddha statues and various other sculptures.

When Istono in 1983 started the production activities of goods metal art replica of the royal era, in fact activities of metal handicraft industry was not new for Istono. Because, for decades Istono has been in the handicraft industry of metal products since Istono itself was born from a family who has a background of metal handicraft industry. Grandfather Istono since the Dutch colonial period had worked brass cast metal industry. But then, my grandfather was still working Istono production activities of goods of daily needs of the metals such as charcoal iron tools, cookie cutters, candle, kelintingan (sound of metal tools hanging on the neck of a horse or buffalo) and others.

Metal handicrafts from Jombang east Java island, IndonesiaSince Istono took over the business of metal handicraft items Ganesya UD in 1983 because his parents died, try Istono present handicraft products
different handicraft products developed by their parents. Istono started to develop the manufacture of various goods, especially metal art replicas of relics of the royal era. Istono own design to develop the art of goods with reference to the image or archaeological relic. Unexpectedly, many strangers, lovers of art and antique collectors / old who are interested in it hasi Istono work. They are many who order the manufacture of various replicas of statues and relics of the kingdom to Istono era.

Now more than 1000 kinds of antiques made of metal which entirely Istono sold on the market. Metal handicraft items of daily needs that had produced his parents, now no longer produced Ganesya UD. Istono reasoned, handicraft goods metal daily needs were no longer produced because of its marketing Ganesya UD today's increasingly difficult. It was not independent of the number of new products in this modern era that could replace the function of these items. Eg electricity Seterikaan now so popular among the people so that no community members who want to use charcoal seterikaan.

Unlike the crafts daily needs of the metal, featuring handicrafts, especially artistic value antiques tempo nuances of the kingdom was still much in demand. Those who understand the value of art will continue to buy antiques high artistic merit, although the life of the people have developed more advanced. Therefore, the business of art craft metal work at Istono never lonely now that the job order manufacture of various metal art crafts is always there every day.

Metal Crafts IndonesiaWith the assistance of 40 permanent employees, Istono currently able to produce an average of 1500 items of metal art crafts of various sizes and models of each month. If an order making metal crafts are many, Istono usually subcontract work to other crafters around the location of his business with reference to the design and size determined Istono own. The production process at the company's partners are usually done only up to intermediate goods, while his finishing process is still being done in the workshop Ganesya UD.

The smallest size of metal crafts made during this Istono is as high as 15 cm, while the largest size can reach 2 meters high. Istono usually sells craft goods with prices starting from Rp 15,000 to Rp 27.5 million.

Various metal crafts that are marketed to various cities in the country like to Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Surabaya. Meanwhile, export activities conducted Istono to various countries like the United States, the Netherlands, France, Germany and England. The buyers from abroad are generally direct transactions with Istono, but for sending buyers are usually appointed the forwarder in Indonesia to deal with packing up shipments.

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