Batik Tulis Garut IndonesiaAt first Mrs. Sri Husaodah not directly open industry batik cloth Garutan commercially. He just made batik cloth from design to design and motif batik batik cloth to be for own needs. However, after the cloth was batik, many neighbors who are interested in buying it. The neighbors are then ordered the cloth manufacture to Mrs. batik. Sri Husaodah.

After getting the fact that the public interest about big enough to Garutan batik cloth produced, Ny. Sri Husaodah realized that in front of business opportunities that are very potential to seriously ditekuni. Because of that, Ny Sri Husaodah then hire some employees to helping to run his new business activities. He started working on handicraft industry batik Garutan it commercially.

Ny. Husaodah itself including a pioneer in the development of batik handicraft industry in the region Garut regency, West Java. What has pioneered Ny. Sri Husaodah is now continued by his sons. Three children Ny. Sri Husaodah had now been joined
Waterfall in the development of batik craft industry Garutan.

Overall in Garut regency, West Java adults there are four batik handicraft industry Garutan and is the result of upbringing keempatempatnya Ny. Sri Husaodah own. Some of them are industrial batik crafts Garutan founded by former Ny employees. Sri Husaodah.

Batik Indonesia heritageAccording to Ny. Sri Husaodah, batik industry writing Garutan has about 70 basic motives as a legacy culture of the ancestors before. But the 70 motifs base was now developing various modifications motifs so that the rise of new motives batik

Several types of batik motif is widely used Garutan include doctors slope, slope
calung, kucubung, the slope of the prosecutor, cubicles, peacock ngibing, fur hayam, ngampar stone and lainlain. The characteristics include batik Garutan is the use of basic color broken white (or, in Sundanese language known as ivory color) that varied with the color blue and sage (red cake and red brick), purple and others.

Batik Indonesia world heritageNow Batik Tulis Garutan 'RM' average Arat produce 10-15 pieces of cloth per month
by using the basic fabric of cotton. In addition, Batik Tulis Garutan RM also producing batik cloth from material silk base average of 10 pieces of cloth per
months and up to 400 printed batik cloth pieces per month depending on the number of orders incoming.

Batik fabric Products RM Garutan Write now already marketed both in domestic market
as well as in foreign markets. Within own country, batik products brand Garutan
RM marketed to several large cities such as Jakarta, Bandung and others. At the time of the day holidays are usually a lot of buyers also had come from outside the area to buy Tulis Batik fabric products Garutan RM. With a total number of employees 62 people, Ny. Sri Husaodah now has three showrooms / galleries batik, which is a showroom in Garut (Jl. Papandayan No. 54), one in Bandung (Jl. Buah Batu No.. 151) and one in Jakarta (ITC Kuningan, Lt. Semi Dasar Los E7 / 6). Garutan batik products sold at RM that vary from Rp 60,000 per piece up to Rp 4.5 million per piece.

Indonesian Batik craft heritageMeanwhile, overseas marketing made to various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands and various Middle East countries. To strengthen overseas marketing, Ny. Sri Husaodah often participated in various exhibitions in foreign countries such as exhibitions in Sarjah, Dubai, Cairo, Beijing, Guangdong, etc..

Many foreign buyers Garutan batik ordered to Ny. Sri Husaodah after they see an example Garutan batik products are on display abroad. Among them were a regular customer (regular order), there is to do repeat orders, there are also buyers who have not ordered and order again.

Batik Tulis Garutan ‘RM’
Jl. Papandayan No. 54 Garut – 44118, Jawa Barat
Telp. (0262) 231028, Fax. (0262) 232436,