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All over the world, India is famous for many things such as its cultural diversity, cuisine, natural beauty and last but not least its handicrafts. People from all over the world come to India to experience its pristine beauty and to buy its handicrafts. The diversity and richness of Indian Handicrafts is world famous. Handicrafts of India include jewellery, furniture, pottery, paintings, stone craft, marble craft and much more.
There are so many Indian Handicrafts you can buy that it becomes almost impossible to create a list. From small wood work to large stone craft, the list is long. Some handicrafts you can buy are metal craft, stone craft, textile, jewellery and wooden handicrafts.
Indian metal craft is of gold, silver, copper and brass. You can buy enamelled jewellery, handcrafted utensils such as finger bowls, wine bowls and ornamental boxes. All these items are handcrafted with engravings on them. Also if you want to buy these items with encrusted jewels, you have that also. The famous places to get these handicrafts are Delhi, Agra, Moradabad and Chennai.

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1. Indian Handicrafts Market has a diversified and possible market place in domestic & worldwide platform.

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Fused Glass Christmas Ornament
glass handicraft

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Handcrafted fused glass christmas tree ornament

Glass handicraft has been known for its delicacy, elegance, and artistic look since ancient times.Glass, when moulded in desired shapes, emerges in beautiful forms that surely delights thesenses. A good work of glass handicraft not only soothes the eyes, it also gives a luxurious look to your home. Manufacturing of glass handicrafts emerged during first century C.E. In India.
During this time period,remodelling and colouring of glass in traditional Indian designs wasdone.The influence of foreign designs and arts can be seen on Indian glass handicraftsmanufacturing and designing.Glass handicrafts show the glory of traditional India,carrying along a whole new modern appearance.
You can easily change the look of your home and office just by adding some good artwork of glass there. The endless range available at our stores allows you to select the perfect piece of glass for your home, and that too at very reasonable prices.

You can choose antique,designer and decorative furniture, specially designed office furniture from a wide range of glass furnitures at our portal. We offer all the latest information you need about best glasshandicrafts manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India and around the world.

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